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An integrated business solution for almost anyone


oxrail™ is an advanced point of sale and inventory control system that is made with unique cutting edge technologies to avail yourself to a new level of experience. oxrail™ is in cloud so you do not need to worry about getting in touch with your business details up to date or doing business from wherever you are around the globe using your smartphone, tab, laptop or any other devices with Internet browser.

We also offer offline system for users who do not wish to go online or do have Internet connectivity limitations. You still can use almost all the features of the cloud system.

Minimum Setup Cost

Stop thinking about implementation cost and effort. Just few steps to upgrade your business process in cloud with minimum setup cost

Minimum Hardware Requirements

You do not need POS specific hardware at all to minimize your hardware requirements. Make use of your old computer, a tab or even a smartphone that has a web browser.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

We are dedicated to help you wherever and whenever you need support. Forget about worrying to maintain your data with backup & restore.


We have highlighted some of the features offered in oxrail™ Cloud.
For full list of features and a free demonstration, please feel free to contact us.



Your data is secured with SSL and role based authentication and we ensure data privacy and protection.


Stock Control

Get in touch with your up to date inventory data and never go out of stock or out of control.

Barcode Scanner Support

Make your billing fast & accurate by integrating barcode scanner of your choice.

Touch screen friendly

We have made our system to be compatible and easy operation with touch screen display.

Endless Customizations

You have freedom to control your system configurations to modify it the way you want.

Responsive design

Our responsive design will work on almost any device with any screen resolution to cater wherever you want.


Following are the brief comparison of oxrail™ Cloud predefined plans
Please contact us for custom requirements and pricing information

oxrail™ cloud

  • Unlimited Workstations
  • Singe User
  • 1 store
  • Up to 1,000 products
  • Free System Updates
  • Billed yearly

oxrail™ cloud
Business Basic

  • Unlimited Workstations
  • 2 users / 2 levels
  • 1 store
  • Up to 2,000 products
  • Free System Updates
  • Billed yearly

oxrail™ cloud
Business Professional

  • Unlimited Workstations
  • 5 users / 3 levels
  • Up to 2 stores integrated
  • Up to 5,000 products
  • Free System Updates
  • Billed yearly

oxrail™ cloud
Business Ultimate

  • Unlimited Workstations
  • 10 users / 3 levels
  • Up to 3 stores integrated
  • Up to 10,000 products
  • Free System Updates
  • Billed bi-annually

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